“No Escape”



"What the-" a pair of arms came out of nowhere and wrapped around Rin’s chest as he felt a mumble against his neck.

"Oh no, I’m shackled. Whatever may I do, imprisoned in these chains.." his voice sounded overly dramatic as he bent forward enough to lift Haru’s feet from the ground and started walking. "No prison can keep me still."

"You.. you were?" Everything in his head stopped up. He sat still frozen, trying to process what he had just heard. And he sure as hell hoped he hadn’t used sarcasm cause he’d have no way of explaining why he’d just decided to lean in and kiss him on the cheek.

"I-if that’s true.. that’s okay." The beat in his chest sped up and his thoughts were going off trail. Was that too soon? Maybe he could play it off by saying it’s a thing they do in Australia?

Haru put his hand to his cheek where Rin had quickly kissed him. For some reason, the skin there tingled a little. Haru’s heart was racing as his hope soared on high. Rin had just kissed him and sure it was a simple, innocent kiss but it made Haru feel better about his feelings for Rin.

"In that case…" Haru moved closer to Rin, leaning in so he could kiss him. "Are you sure?" He whispered while a mere inch or two away from Rin’s lips.